About Us

The Fab Standard is the embodiment of our founder's passion for fabulous fashion that is also feasible, functional, and sustainable. After years of wavering between keeping up with the latest trends and always feeling like she had nothing in her closet to wear, she felt compelled to create a brand that incorporates both style and sustainability. 

The Fab Standard was born in 2021 to inspire and empower women to consistently show up as the best version of themselves with style and ease. When you look good, you feel good. And when you feel good, you’re most likely to give your best!


At The Fab Standard, our mission is to help women consistently achieve a fabulous yet effortlessly chic aesthetic. 

We aim to offer a sustainable approach to fashion by focusing on both style and versatility.

The ideal wardrobe starts with essential pieces that are classic and versatile. So we’ve taken wardrobe essentials and added a fabulously modern flair!

Here you’ll find must-have modern staples that can be easily mixed and matched and paired with multiple items in your closet. Nevertheless, you'll also find effortless touches of fab throughout our collections that allow you to take your looks to the next level. 



Our #FabQueens are typically fashion-forward, modern women who desire to look chic and put together on a daily basis. They love to look the part but simply don’t have a lot of time to waste standing in their closet overthinking what to wear.


The foundation of our brand stems from passion and purpose. Therefore, we aim to do everything with enthusiasm and attention to detail.

We recognize the potential risks that come with online shopping. Therefore, building and maintaining the trust of our customers is a top priority.

Customer Commitment
Our customers are the life of our business, and we truly value you. So we are committed to making your shopping experience as personal as possible and providing above and beyond customer service.

We hold ourselves accountable and take pride in doing the right thing. We stand behind our decisions, including product selection, pricing, messaging, etc.